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Powerful Partnerships: UNICEF and H&M Team Up to Help Support Positive Cognitive Development.

The H&M Foundation and UNICEF have partnered to create a digital tool that interactively shows how games and play can stimulate brain development during early childhood. The tool called The UNI-FORM, visually translates how a Childs brain develops at yearly stages up to the age of five. The two main components of the project are to educate parents and caregivers across the world on neuroscience as well as to provide families with innovative and age appropriate play ideas that can optimize brain development. 

“Children who experience love, proper nutrition and protection in a stimulating environment during early childhood become resilient, learn effectively and are able to help build strong, safe communities and economies when they reach adulthood,” said Pia Britto UNICEF Chief of Early Childhood Development. “We are proud to launch this interactive tool to help give children the enrichment they need in these critical early moments of life.” 

Visit www.theuniform.org to learn more about the initiative. 

Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 26, 2016