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Cognition, academic achievement, and epilepsy in school-age children: A case–control study in a developing country

Steering committee member Susan Walker along with a group of researchers, conducted a case control study of children in Jamaica with uncomplicated epilepsy. The Study explored the influence of socioeconomic status or the child's home environment on the effects of epilepsy. The Study comprised of 33 Jamaica children between the ages of 7-12 years diagnosed with uncomplicated epilepsy and 33 of their non-epileptic classroom peers. A child from the epileptic group was paired with a child from the none epileptic group based on age and gender. The cognitive ability and school achievement for each member of the matched pair was then compared, and individuals SES and home environment were explored and determined based on household, crowding, possessions, and sanitation. 

Researchers determined that there was no significant difference in IQ, but children with epilepsy had lower scores on tests of memory, language, and attention compared with their controls. Researchers further determined that socioeconomic status and home environment did not alter these effects.