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South Africa Restructures Investments to focus on Early Childhood Develpment

The importance of the first 1000 days of a Childs life has been the subject of research for decades. The importance of these first days has been the hot topic in ECD community recently. Debates such as is this a critical period of development, and what interventions and support structures are optimal during these early days. South Africa is changing her perspective as a result of this research. Previously 50% of the budget for education went towards tertiary education. Currently the budget is being reorganized and 50% is being allocated 'to provide the essential package for early childhood development'. South Africa is not alone in this new perspective in fact many countries are making this change as they are convinced that the return on investment cannot be overlooked. Professor James Heckman, an economics professor has estimated the return on investment is 10% annually, investing in ECD simultaneously reduces inequality and increases productivity. 

Read more about the initiative put forth by the South African Government and let's collectively see how we can encourage our own countries to take this very step in making ECD issues a priority.