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What the experts say

Featured below are expert opinions and ideas backed by solid research in the field of early childhood development. Hear what professionals from the field of ECD say about the several issues related to early childhood development.

There is a new health Paradigm emerging and Dr. Jose Miguel De Angulo and Luz Stella Losada  along side MAP international are leading the charge in Bolivia.  The brain architecture of a person develops in... Read More

Steering committee members Sally M. Grantham-McGregor, Lia C. H. Fernald and Susan Walker along with their colleague Rose M. C. Kagawa, conducted a systematic review of studies that examined the effect of... Read More

The effects of play on child development have been researched extensively and shown to be highly effective. Campaigns across Europe and the States continue to encourage parents and even teachers to make... Read More

Steering committee member Susan Walker along with a group of researchers, conducted a case control study of children in Jamaica with uncomplicated epilepsy. The Study explored the influence of socioeconomic... Read More